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Your Wellness Hub in Newport Beach, California, offers health and wellness programs to include Professional Coaching and Personal Training for Weight Loss, Injury Rehabilitation, Sports Specific Training, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Senior Health and Fitness, Personal Fitness, Bridal Fitness Training, and Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Fitness.


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Our Programs:    

Weight Loss • Sports Specific TrainingNeuromuscular Rehabilitation TrainingPost-Operative Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III and IV • Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Programs Wedding Bridal Fitness Training • Senior Care and Personal Fitness

Wellness Programs for Everyone
With our many personal fitness programs to choose from, you are sure to find a personal training option to fit your specific personal fitness, health and wellness and or weight loss goals. Lose as much as 10 to 15 total inches and 3% body fat in 6 weeks. Tighten your core with functional strength training to get the body and energy you have always wanted. Your overall health and wellness improves your longevity and quality of life.

Each workout is different, tailored specifically to your personal training needs and certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Contact us today to get started on your personal training health and wellness program today. 949-413-4210




Meet Shannon Ferris     SCC TRAINING      Your Wellness
Health and Fitness Professional Coach & Personal Trainer, NASM, ACSM, NESTA, CTA

Shannon is a powerhouse of much expertise! Shannon is a leader in the personal fitness, health and wellness industry. Refined by working for top Fortune 500 Companies in the Health and Wellness Industry, she is also an incredible professional athlete and sports medicine personal trainer. Shannon has 18 years of professional training, wellness program management, personal training, program design & implementation. Shannon utilizes the  human movement assessments and exercise testing for sports specific training athletes, weight loss clients, pre and post natal, and special populations.

Special populations thet YourWellnessHub includes in client personal training programs are Pre - Post Natal, Senior Health and Fitness, people living with Parkinson’s Disease, people with high blood cholesterol, diabetes, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer survivor or people that have suffered a stroke or heart attack and need cardiac rehabilitation or reconditioning. 

Specialty Programs also include Golf Fitness Training and Senior Health Specialty Services

Shannon's education is from the number one ranked school in the country for Exercise and Sport Science majoring in Wellness Program Management at Colorado State University combined with a double emphasis in business and cardiac rehabilitation. Shannon also has two years of Life Sciences graduate studies so that she can work with your physician to make sure you lose the weight, lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, or recover from what you have endured to the best of your ability.Shannon didn’t take education lightly. Her resume is jammed packed with four more additional national sports medicine training certifications and professional coaching credentials! Shannon is a NASM certified Personal Trainer, Golf Fitness Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist implementing the National Academy of Sports Medicine Optimum Performance Training Model utilized by top athletes, sport teams, Olympic athletes’ and professional trainers around the world. 

Shannon is also the master of injury prevention and recovery expertise to generate your best active lifestyle, sport performance and for the deconditioned population looking to develop health and fitness and be your best. She has helped many Youth Sports Tarining Athletes achieve full ride scholorships to college!

Why is Shannon so good? Shannon’s ability to get results!  Shannon is Orange County’s most sought after in home trainer for seniors and exclusive clients. Shannon is the master of program design for athletes, rehabilitative clients with sport injury, and cardiac rehabilitation for stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure and hypertensive patients/clients. Shannon will include neuromuscular training, integrated training and corrective flexibility in all her programs to help all her clients achieve optimal strength, power, endurance, injury rehabilitation, speed, coordination and balance. Shannon is also a certified Professional Coach, helping people grow personally and professionally while delivering results for their health and wellness goals.  It is no wonder many people, as well as corporate managers turn to Shannon to get results! “The secret is combining your professional aspirations and skill sets with your best health and wellness program! "Your health is your future…and so is your ability to connect the professional dots in your career, home life and/or professional sport!”  Shannon leverages her knowledge, training experience and athletic skills to offer the best personal training service to all her clients.

The First IN HOME or GYM personal training session will focus on your physical fitness testing, goals, evaluation, and implementation of your personal training program. Corrective flexibility training, neuromuscular rehabilitative training, and core stabilization training are the foundational components of a progressive optimum performance training program. Proper application and execution of the chosen exercises specific for each persons needs is one of the most critical success factors for clients to reach their goal and reduce the risk of injury while training or performing activities of daily living.

IN HOME personal training sessions can be conducted in the privacy of your own home.. Call YourWellnessHub for more details. 949-413-4210

Shannon has 20 years experience in all aspects of health and fitness training for people of all ages. Trust her knowledge, experience, and passion for helping people stay well and fit for life!

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