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Bridal Fitness Training in Newport Beach, California

Your Wellness Hub in Newport Beach, California, puts you in the best condition possible.

 Wedding Bridal Fitness Training Programs
Ensure you fit into the dress you were fitted for months ago. This program is not just for the bridal party, but also for family and friends to get in shape for the big day. Don't let endless wedding details cause you stress. Get into a personal training program to relax and enjoy the wedding planning while you get in the best shape of your life

The best exercise programs are guided by a professional to help insure the best intensity level and safety!  Optimum work outs stimulate neuromuscular growth, increase core strength, and help you achieve results! The Bridal Fitness Program prepares you for the best day in your life. We will define your target heart rate and cardio workouts in addition to your strength training sessions. We will also complete initial measurements and body composition analysis and set SMART (Simple, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Timely) goals. Your progress will be tracked and you will be given guidelines or homework for what to do in between sessions!



Pregnant, Pregnancy Fitness in Newport Beach, CA

What to Expect During Personal Training Sessions:

• Core, functional and strength training
• Flexibility, balance and coordination
• Track body composition, measurements, food intake and your progress
• Cardio prescription and target heart rate
• Nutritional guidance and health tips

Decrease your wedding planning stress and be able to slip into your tux or dress! Enjoy this time of celebration and preperation. Congratulations!

This program is also recommended by the Marriott Hotel and Resorts

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