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"I had a personal trainer already when I met Shannon and yet discovered  Shannon’s knowledge and personal training expertise and experience to be far superior helping me to learn new training methodologies and techniques so that I can continue to live a very active and athletic lifestyle. I have owned boxing studios and driven race cars professionally for years. I consider myself knowledgeable and a seasoned athlete. During my career I had hurt both my shoulders and needed a reconstructed rotator cuff as well as received a laminectomy on L2, L3, and L4.  I have broken almost every bone in my body from my aggressive lifestyle and sport during my competitive years. Shannon can design personal training programs to address neuromuscular strength and weakness, injury rehabilitation, sport specific, reduce pain caused by old injuries, while improving flexibility and core strength! I suffer less from back pain and muscular stiffness. Shannon can also recommend for you which equipment is best for the In Home gym and personalize your fitness training program. I hired Shannon to help me to maximize my workouts. I find Shannon’s services to be professional, timely and I get results! 

I highly recommend the professional coaching and training services of Shannon Ferris SCC TRAINING at  Shannon’s In Home personal training business and programs offered at are catered to meet my personal fitness needs, extremely professional, and superior in personal training health and wellness program services."

Peter Shea
Founder of Entrepreneur Magazine Media Inc.


"At the age of 59 I began a regimen of training with Shannon Carpenter whose expertise in core strength and neuromuscular conditioning is remarkable. I learned about balance, alignment, proper positioning and core training that were new and very important to me. This is made more significant, I think, by the fact that I have been involved in weight training and endurance training for over 40 years and have competed, and occasionally won, contests in amateur bodybuilding and endurance competitions.


The most important information for me, out of many valuable insights derived from my sessions with Shannon, is the idea of muscle and strength balancing. After so many years of training, I was amazed at Shannon's immediate ability to identify the respective muscles that needed to be properly trained to provide an equal balance with opposing or complementary muscles. Identifying those, Shannon immediately went about providing movements, exercises, and balancing procedures that noticeably resulted in greatly improved strength but also flexibility and range of motion.

Shannon is very pleasant but also clear in communicating her skills and direct about addressing the needs of her clients. I have appreciated her commitment to me as an individual and to other clients of hers that I have gotten to know."

Nick Warner, Ph.D.

"I don’t really like to break a sweat but realized as I crossed over the 60th  birthday that it was going to be necessary to get my health in order.  I’d recently had my yearly physical and found not only I’d gained weight, but my blood pressure, sugar level and others had increased.  My doctor suggested I change my diet and add exercise to my normal routine.  Of course everyone at a certain age gets this advice.  I’d tried in the past to get out and walk and add the necessary healthy change to my life, but I found I often skipped this using my busy schedule as an excuse. I’m retired and I don’t really have that busy a day that one hour of exercise couldn’t be fit into my schedule. 

I was reading our Balboa Island Newsletter one day and noticed an article about aging and the need for keeping our bodies in as healthy a condition as possible.  The article explained the necessary mind and body link and how it was possible to stay limber, slim, active and happy all with the proper exercise and geared to my age.  Shannon (Carpenter) Ferris is my trainer and that was almost three years ago.  I work out with Shannon three times a week for one hour.  Working out with Shannon has become second nature and no longer the

dreaded hour it was in the beginning.  My daughters (I have 3) all compliment me on my hard work and we occasionally compete in push-ups etc., to prove that aging doesn’t have to be what we feared it might be.  I still need to watch my diet but my health has improved and I wouldn’t want to go back to my old lazy self. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are now in the normal range.  Hiring Shannon Carpenter Ferris (SCC Training at for In Home personal training has been one of the best things I have done for myself. My husband agrees."

Sherry Aitkin

"After gaining some unwanted extra pounds over the last several years, I decided to seek out help from a professional fitness trainer. I was referred to Shannon Carpenter Ferris with SCC Training. Shannon developed a program designed to help me achieve my goals. In 5 months, I was able to lose 40 pounds. Working with Shannon has substantially increased my energy level as well as lowering my blood pressure and cholesterol levels! I know my picture doesn’t reveal a body builder but that wasn’t my goal. The training I received significantly improved my coordination, flexibility and stability.  This directly improved my athletic interests such as golf, tennis and volleyball. I have also taken advantage of her Life Coaching Program.


As CEO of the Nations Largest Contractor & Inspector School, I have many challenges with clients and employees alike. Shannon has worked with me on communication skills, prioritizing and stress reduction. My leadership, delegation, team development & organization skills have all improved significantly since joining the program. I feel that I make better personal choices and I am much more productive. Shannon is a sincere, responsible and a highly educated individual. She is an extremely motivating & positive person. I highly recommend her services for those who are interested in improving their quality of life."

David Warner


"Shannon Ferris of SCC TRAINING and Your Wellness Hub has been my personal trainer for several years, both before and after full knee replacement surgery (too much snow skiing and arthritis). Shannon is extremely creative in working around injuries and thoughtful in her approach in terms of analyzing where a client may need to gain strength, flexibility and so forth. As a result of my one-on-one personal training with Shannon, I went into knee replacement surgery with good upper and lower body strength and did not need to deal with the exercises recommended by the orthopedic team prior to surgery. I was also able to start physical therapy quickly and get back to the gym to resume working out.

I cannot say enough positive things about personal training with Shannon. She is a professional who know her way around the gym and can clearly explain what she is looking for in terms of a particular exercise. Her ability to develop programs never ceases to amaze me (even after 4 years) and I am never bored with the personal training. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is interested about personal training with Shannon."

Carol P. Schaner
Attorney at Law, LLM Certified Taxation Specialist



"I wanted to learn beach volleyball and be able to play with anyone on the beach. Sport specific training with Shannon improved not only my game but my personal fitness. I am faster, moving quicker to the ball. I lost a lot of weight and body fat. My core foundations for serving, passing, setting and hitting are all significantly better. People ask me to play now with them and be their partner!  My skill level improved so that I could play beach volleyball with any level player on the beach. I found each session to be extremely beneficial. Small changes in my form, court awareness and court placement for my approach and arm swing makes all the difference. I can play in all conditions and I will always remember that, “The wind is your friend!” I highly recommend Shannon for coaching and training to anyone that wants to improve their beach volleyball game. With Shannon's education, personal training background and competitive experience in beach volleyball, it is like getting two experts for the price of one. Shannon is amazing. Thank you."

Bret Murphy



I never thought I could stabilize my heart arrhythmias, take less medication and gain a fitness level worth talking about!  I also have a shoulder injury that needs rehabilitation, however, this did not stop Shannon from helping me to achieve a stronger shoulder as well as learn the many different weight training machines that had always confused me!  Her education and experience got me to a new lifestyle filled with hope, health, and gratification.  Previously, I spent too much time sitting at home in front of the computer.  Now, I am able to mountain bike with my husband. We’ve also started kayaking together!  I look forward to continuing to build core strength and overall health conditioning with Shannon. Go for it ladies!"

Pat Cayanni
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Senior Care Personal Fitness


"I’m an active 60 plus year-old business executive, working in a high  stress and demanding position.  Some ten years ago I had a life changing experience when I experienced a heart attack.  That event caused me to re-evaluate my life and determine priorities.  Clearly, I needed to lose weight and start an exercise regime.  After getting the go ahead from my cardiologist I found a weight trainer who patiently worked with me to build my strength and confidence.  I changed my diet and, as the weight started to drop, my body changed and muscles became more defined.  I fell into a regular workout routine with my trainer and incorporated the new routine fully into my work/home routine.  I thought I was doing enough.  I was feeling great and friends and colleagues were telling me I looked very healthy.


But then, I hit the 60-year mark.  More changes began to occur, and they weren’t good.  I began to notice that my balance was off.  I would misjudge distances and hit corners as I rounded them.  I could no longer put my trousers on without sitting down first.  And, worst of all, my flexibility had deteriorated enormously and I was beginning to tire easily.  After getting checked out by my cardiologist, he chided me about the aging process, saying it happens to all of us.  I was getting ready to accept that I was aging, and that it would be down hill from here.  At just about that point, my trainer introduced me to Shannon Carpenter (now Ferris) and recommended I work out with her.  After just one session with Shannon, it was crystal clear that she not only understood the changes occurring in my body, but that she had the training, education and expertise to help me turn back the clock.

Shannon has brought me a long way -- I’m happy to say I no longer bump into walls, and I can put my trousers on without sitting down.  I’m also re-energized and more flexible than I have been since I was in my forties. I know from direct experience that we can control a lot of the problems aging brings us.  But, we need a knowledgeable and educated guide, with a personal commitment to show us the way in a supportive and motivational manner.  Shannon Ferris has certainly shown that commitment and knowledge to me and she has changed my life."

Nancy Levy
Vice President Real Estate Executive GE


"I have been training consistently with Shannon Carpenter for over 1 year.  I started, reluctantly, after being told by my chiropractor that I should not run anymore because of my lower back pain.  Running was my way of staying in shape.  Shannon began at once having me work my core, plus weights and cardio.  I soon had the energy and stamina to keep up with my active 9 year old son, (I’m 49!), and the toned arms to wear tank tops during the summer.  My disposition is more even keeled, patience more enduring, and overall state of mind is markedly improved.  But the unexpected result is that I can run on the beach again without pain.  In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, Shannon is an extremely qualified personal trainer, who is a joy to be with, even when she is pushing me to the limit!"

Karen Lutz

"My name is Karin Thomsen and I am the volleyball coach and PE teacher at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, California.  I enjoy being active and have played volleyball for all of my adult life.  I compete each year at the USA Adult Nationals and have been fortunate to win Nationals in my age division, as well as be the MVP in 2004.  This past year I had some minor injuries that had me concerned about my performance ability for Nationals.  I met Shannon at the beginning of my training regime, and she took me through a thorough training process that got me stronger and faster as well as more balanced for the game I love so much.  

During the four days of competition, I was able to play three different positions and sustain my energy and intensity for all the matches I competed in.  Some of my team mates were amazed at my energy level and my foot speed.  I gave the credit to Shannon for preparing me in a matter of weeks to play at such a high level.  I know that my time with Shannon has improved my technique and training process.  I am sure that this will make a difference for several years to come!"

Karen Thompsen # 10
Volleyball Coach and Player

Personal Fitness

"Julie and I worked together to help her gain confidence in her self-image and be able to have confidence working out in the gym by herself. Julie wanted to understand the gym equipment and have absolute confidence that when she goes to work out, she knows which machines and free weight exercises will give her the most benefit to accomplish her goals. Julie said she suffered anorexia when she was in high school and held onto negative comments people had said to her.

Julie and I worked on positive affirmations and her ability to stop re-living what people have said to her in the past regarding looking flabby or fat. . I witness Julie go from wearing bulky clothes to comfortable gym outfits that fit nicely and was suitable for personal training. However, she wanted these photos in because the t-shirt was funny. Julie has a wonderful personality and great sense of humor. I enjoyed all our sessions together. My eyes tearfully swelled up when I heard her say with total conviction, “Shannon my biggest take away, beyond personal training with you and learning what personal fitness program is best for me, is emotional ;  Believing I am not fat! I feel great, and I look good. I can change my negative thought process and choose to believe what I know is true and not what people have said to me in the past.

Julie, you are an inspiration to so many people to achieve a positive outlook on your personal health and wellness life story!"

Julie Flanagan

Weight Loss
Personal Fitness

"I moved to Southern California in June of this year and loved it! But with new stress, schedules, pressure to meet new people and find a job, my priorities got lost in the mix up. My eating became whatever was quick and available. Working out was almost nonexistent. I gained weight fast and felt unhappy.

I would literally cry about it daily and felt I was so far from where I wanted to be that it was impossible. Then, I met Shannon! I actually met her at my work. I was doing a facial on her when the topic of working out came up. I told her I couldn’t find a gym I liked and I had no motivation.

That was it. We did our first session that night. I fell in love with her and the gym. It took me a few work outs to really get back into it but she made my goals seem so realistic and obtainable. Months later I see how much my life has changed; not only with workouts, but I have more confidence in my daily life as well. I am constantly adding as well as checking off “SMART” goals! Shannon is what you call a Life Coach, a great person and friend. It has been a great experience so far, which I continue with anticipation and excitement of what’s next."

Amy Ryan

Throughout the years Amy has continued with personal training and developed personal and entrepreneurial skills she learned while working together. Now she is happily married and has her own business, Hair by Amy.

"I really enjoyed personal training with Shannon because she did an excellent job making sure I did exercises correctly and safely. I got a nice full body workout."

Colleen Norris
Nutritional Director

"Shannon got me really sweating more than my normal workouts and got new muscles burning. Shannon got me doing exercises that I have never done before and explained everything in detail while we were doing the exercise and why we were doing the exercises!"

Brad Tennie
Project Engineer

Weight Loss
Personal Fitness

"I really enjoy working out with Shannon. She is great at taking into account where I am at my current personal fitness level and creating workouts that are tailored to my physical fitness while still pushing me to the next level. Shannon is also very encouraging and positive which helps me progress with enthusiasm. The experience goes beyond just exercise routines but also eating habits and lifestyle tips that coincide with my workout programs for a wonderfully holistic result. 

I definitely am seeing the results I want! Personal training with Shannon is long lasting vs. the yo-yo cycle of previous routines."

Jenny Barbour

"In 2007, I had a successful brain surgery on a benign but growing tumor that increasingly interfered with my ability to walk. After the surgery, I could walk, but was left with weakness on one side of my body and a difficulty with balance.

I considered going to a gym and hiring a personal trainer. Not to get into those size 4 jeans, not to wear a thong at the age of 57, even though that would be terrific.

What I needed was someone to carefully, and with full understanding of my neurological condition, to retrain my brain and body to function properly. So I wouldn’t continue to bump into walls, have difficulty walking down stairs, and finally go on that Safari in Africa.

This is a one year commitment on my part. However, after one month of 5 days a week sessions, the results are astonishing. Instead of falling over immediately when I stand on one leg, I can do it for close to 15 seconds. Instead of waking up in the morning with the sense of having had a stroke that affected my left arm and dragging my left foot, I have a greater sense of ease with my body and that I can rely on it.

In addition to Shannon’s training in physical therapy and sports medicine, Shannon is such a joy to be with that each session is a combination of exercise and personal success coaching.

AND better than any time I have ever spent with a shrink.

If this isn’t enough of a recommendation to at least have a trial week with Shannon, then you don’t really want to get better."

Miriam Bertram, Ph.D
Irvine, CA

In Home Personal Training Senior Care and Personal Fitness

"Kim wanted to be more independent, have more energy, and live a healthier life. I had met her mother first and she hired me to see how my services could help her and specifically her daughter, Kim.

Kim’s goal was to be able to get out of bed each day and then walk outside simply down to the corner market or coffee shop. This is only one block away from home.  A long term goal was to reach the beach and as she explained to praise God for her accomplishment by Easter 2009. This required Kim to walk around a half mile and then take a fairy across the canal and walk two more blocks to the Pacific Ocean.  Kim had a full time care taker and had many prescriptions to address her multiple health conditions. Kim wanted from me flexibility exercises, strength training exercises, and the encouragement of professional coaching to help her achieve her goals and not to be afraid to go outside when we walked together. Together we walked four days every week outside. Yes, sometimes Kim couldn’t get herself to go outside at all.

The following pictures are a testimony to all her hard work and accomplishments because keep in mind she said it had been about 4 years since she had been across the fairy and sat on the beach. Kim got herself to regularly walk to the corner coffee shop or market and enjoy occasional rides on her own boat! We had started the personal training senior care program in October; I cancelled plans with family to be with Kim as we sat on the beach together that next Easter!"

Kim Jackson


Sports Specific Training
Neuromuscular Therapy Rehabilitation Training

“Ever since I took my first swing of the tennis racket, I have battled with low back and sciatic issues that have hindered my desired active lifestyle.  In June of 2006, I began to take up the sport of beach volleyball secondary to constant limitations to my tennis and running activities.  This amazing sport introduced me to a fantastically positive individual named Shannon Carpenter.  Not only was Shannon full of uplifting energy, she also had motivating ideas on how to correct my sciatica and get me back out on the tennis court.  After three months of neuromuscular training and sport specific training techniques, Shannon helped me not only excel on the volleyball court but also return to my first love, tennis, with minimal pain.  I strongly recommend Shannon not only for her strong educational background but also for her amazingly positive motivating attitude!”

Veronica Selby
Physician Assistant

"When I met Shannon, I knew right away that I was in good hands. I was diagnosed with a slight Mitral valve prolapse, high blood pressure and at risk for heart disease, as well as spinal stenosis causing pain.  Adult onset diabetes was the next threat to my health and wellness.  I needed to manage my stress, work on core strength, diet and start cardiac rehabilitation for prevention, as well as neuromuscular rehabilitation for better balance, coordination and strength. Shannon identified right away which muscles needed corrective stretching and which muscles were weak causing me to have pain, poor balance, coordination and overall strength.

I have personal training experience both in the gym with Shannon and working out in my own home. I love In Home Personal Training because of the privacy and convenience and I still get an amazing workout. Whether we start the workout outside and then complete a strength training program once back home, along with all my stretching and core exercises, or do all the fitness training in home, I am always satisfied. I feel energized after each workout and not too sore.

Shannon keeps me informed of all the newest exercises and solutions to the health and wellness questions I may have and keeps our workouts fresh, fun and enjoyable. My medical issues such as heart rate, blood pressure, diet, and general health are all in check now, much of this due to Shannon. I have kept Shannon around for 4 years now because I keep getting results! I know I am doing everything I can to stay accountable to living my best quality of life.

Shannon’s niche in cardiac rehabilitation, neuromuscular training and corrective flexibility programs are very helpful to my overall success and cardiovascular health! Shannon’s professional coaching side of her business is sensational and she really knows how to keep me organized, prioritized, and able to accomplish all that I set out to achieve.

I encourage everyone reading this testimonial that wants results to call Shannon to start your personal fitness training program today."

Carol Curci

"Shannon’s knowledge of the mechanics and functioning of the human body is terrific. Shannon’s confidence and expertise in personal training makes me feel at ease in knowing you are getting fit in the “Proper and healthy way!” To accomplish your personal fitness needs, I highly recommend Shannon SCC TRAINING at Your Wellness Hub personal training services."

Linda Shea



"I met Shannon 4 years ago having already completed the LA Fire Fighter Academy and the 4 month probationary physical testing process. I had to improve specific strength, endurance, and agility skills by the 10 month final testing process in order to become an official LA County Fire Fighter. At that time, I only had about 4 months to make some serious improvements. I had to overcome a prior shoulder injury and back pain hindering my ability to efficiently perform required activities on the job at the skill level I desired and was required in order to be my best.

Our first session, Shannon assessed my kinetic chain check points and movement observation. The two pictures on the right are part of that observation. During that process we discovered which muscles were not firing properly to give me the strength, speed and agility I needed to improve my athletic and strength testing portions of the requirements needed to perform the future firefighter job. We also identified which muscles were too weak causing my back pain and preventing me from performing at a higher level of functional efficiency. We utilized specific neuromuscular corrective exercises and strength exercises, self myofascial release, and static stretching to improve my overall muscular movement, endurance, strength and power. We learned endurance training techniques and programming to improve my time to run a mile and endurance to pace myself for several miles. I also needed to address core strength and the ability to stabilize my body when in motion, pushing, pulling or lifting.

After about 6 weeks, my back pain was not bothering me as much and the pain was significantly reduced. My shoulder can bear weight and feels stabilized while lifting and moving heavy equipment.  My strength, shoulder stability,power, agility and ability to complete skill

sets during the allotted time to complete various requirements during testing is on track to surpass my required LA Fire Fighter testing for future job responsibilities and my career.  I could run a mile under 8 minutes and do over 20 pull-ups, 100 sit ups, 80 pushups, and all the strength, endurance and agility portions of the test.  I appreciated Shannon creating for me a road map of homework assignments and workouts I could do while at the fire station or close to home on the beach for stabilization, core, strength, balance and endurance training.

Today, I am a fire fighter and continue to practice the personal training techniques I learned back in 2007 to help prevent future injuries and to stay healthy so I can serve our local community. I highly recommend SCC TRAINING and the services at to anyone needing personal fitness training results and professional coaching partnership solutions to advance your career goals."

Zeke Caraballo
LA County Fire Fighter
Neuromuscular Training and Injury Rehabilitation
Personal Fitness Training Program



"Shannon is a “miracle worker.”

Everyone has asked why I am doing so great! My first secret is working out with Shannon Carpenter Ferris of SCC TRAINING & Your Wellness Hub. (949) 631-6044. Shannon has graced the Island Breeze Newsletter the past few issues. At the no frills gym – Club Met-Rx Fitness, I really spent time learning how to work out-not trying to look good working out. I learned how to use the equipment properly, stretch and “foam roll”. I learned how to lose inches and firm my body.

I transitioned into in home training after my stroke. I thank Shannon for being there for me. I regained most of my abilities that I had before my stroke. The neuromuscular training and corrective flexibility really works. I am grateful I can still write the Balboa Breeze and perform the activities of daily living for my own state of health and wellness. I got results!"

Carolyn Carr
Island Flooring & Author of the Balboa Breeze

"When I met Charlotte, she told me she had a heart condition, high blood pressure and knee problems making her ability to walk and move around her home more and more difficult. Charlotte agreed to work on what we could change and started a 3 times per week corrective flexibility and senior fitness program for 6 weeks."

Charlotte happily said for her testimony after just 6 weeks, “We walk along the island together to warm up and then we complete the in home personal training program with personalized age appropriate strength and corrective flexibility exercises. The assistance and expertise with my exercises and stretching is wonderful. I can now walk on my own carpet and tile with great confidence. The health and wellness combined personal training program has increased my quality of life! While working with Shannon, I got strong enough to walk without a cane!”

Charlotte Torrance
In Home Training
Corrective Flexibility/Senior Fitness Program 

  Frank O' Bryan

Corrective Flexibility, Senior Fitness and Rehabilitation 
Sport Specific:Golf

I had no idea what to expect! While I was still in my business suit, Shannon arrived at my home ready to give me a sample session and full evaluation! I was taken with her enthusiasm and joyful spirit. I discovered that Shannon designs personal training programs to address neuromuscular strength and weakness, conduct sport specific and comprehensive injury rehabilitation, reduce pain caused by old injuries, and improve my balance, flexibility and core strength! I gave the personal training program a try. I loved it! I want to share with you how happy I am with Shannon’s friendly demeanor, professionalism, educational training and credentials.


Shannon set up my in home gym space because I was so busy. I was so impressed with how efficient and simple she kept things for my home gym, which is space in my family room or garage. Within six weeks I noticed tremendous strength changes and better balance, which also helped my golf game. In three months, my Tee-shot was more consistent and accurate. I’m more limber and turning easier in my golf swing. I have better balance and a lot more endurance. I now crouch down behind the ball before I putt on the green and it has been years since I had that kind of flexibility! When I hurt my shoulder, before my PT sessions ran out, Shannon went with me to a physical therapy appointment and made sure to continue important exercises to help with my rehabilitation.


I continue to work my fitness and flexibility program with Shannon even when I am in my second home for six months out of the year!  We coordinate my training on our Apple iPhones or iPad. I have managed to train with her despite our busy schedules while in New York, Colorado, Indian Wells, etc. and I still get a great workout!  I complete all my exercises and get my strength and core training accomplished. I’m very happy and pleased with my continued progress. I have a renewed sense of independence and a healthier active lifestyle. I am grateful that Shannon is here to help me with my personal fitness goals and general health and well-being. Shannon has made an impact in favor of my quality of life!








Jamie was new to the sport of Mountain Biking. He wanted to start mountain biking and was one of my first clients to embark on year round professional coaching and personal training in 1998. Jamie received his personal training gym schedule each month and mountain biking training schedule to conduct in the field. One of Jamie’s personal goals was to finish race(s) among the top 50 riders nationally during his first training year. Jamie had 15 plus scheduled races in Colorado and surrounding states.  We identified he strengths on the bike during stage races, climbing, etc. , and weaknesses. We did gym personal training assessments to identify which muscles were performing at their peak and which were inhibiting him from accomplishing his goals for the season.  We also did a natural ability and efficiency profile among other professional coaching techniques to help athletes understand their competitive advantage and focus areas.  Jamie wanted advice on all his nutritional needs to be fully hydrated and properly fueled with enough energy for each race weekend.  Jamie and I also roll played how to get sponsors or how to become recognizable to potential sponsors.  I enjoyed traveling to the races when I could and seeing Jamie get better and better!

In Jamie’s first year he became sponsored by Schwinn, Toyota, Lee’s Cyclery, and the Eye’s Have It. By mid-season, I was proud to receive this e-mail, “…In Breckinridge, I finished 39th!! That was one of my goals: finish top 50 in a National Event. I was climbing like a mad man. Thanks for the training. I think it really helped me get where I am.”

You did it Jamie and thanks to you too, I also discovered my natural ability for coaching and training athletes to be their best! No dream is too big for an athlete or coach that desires to help athletes like you stay focused, motivated, well trained and ready to put in the hard work and dedication to achieve their goals.

Jamie Goodman
Sports Specific Training 

 Parents: Leanne and Sean Sheward
Neuromuscular Training & Rehabilitation for Ashley 
Sport Specific: Volleyball

We are writing to share with you a fantastic Sports Medicine Personal Trainer, Shannon Ferris. She was recommended to us by a neighbor for our daughter, Ashley, to help her achieve sport specific excellence, neuromuscular rehabilitation, strength, and corrective flexibility. We are so happy with Shannon’s friendly demeanor, professionalism, athletic background and educational training that we want to share with you! As a bonus, Shannon has great volleyball training and expertise that we have worked it into Ashley’s training as well. Ashley’s coaches have seen a marked improvement in her abilities all around. We think this is due to Shannon’s training.

Leanne plays a lot of tennis and Shannon has helped her with corrective flexibility and exercises that keep her fit and injury free.

Shannon’s In Home Personal Training programs are catered to meet your personal fitness needs, extremely professional, and superior in personal training health and wellness program services.  If you need to meet her at a gym, Shannon can do that too. Here is her contact information:

Shannon Ferris SCC TRAINING (949) 413-4210 National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Counsel of Sports Medicine, National Exercise and Training Association, Coach Training Alliance- Professional Coach.
B.S. Exercise and Sport Science Wellness Program Management Post Grad: Life Science PT

If you would like to give her a try, than call her up for a free sample session and assessment.
Otherwise, if you know someone or know a loved one that could benefit from a customized program in the following areas; please contact Shannon. Shannon will help you with:
Senior Health & Fitness                                  Cardiac Rehabilitation
Weight Loss                                                    Injury Rehabilitation /Surgery Rehabilitation
Increased Flexibility and ROM                      Coordination, Strength and Balance
Sports Specific (Golf /Tennis/Volleyball)       Vitality and Strength to help fight Cancer

Neuromuscular Training and Corrective Flexibility        

We are happy to share her info with you! Do not hesitate to give Shannon a try.


The Sheward Family  

Sean, Leanne, Ashley and Brett


  Doug MIles,  Miles LLP Attorney at Law  and Pilot

Health and Fitness
Corrective Flexibility
Sport Specific: Golf

I’ve worked with Shannon for several years with great results. She’s diligent and extremely knowledgeable, and customized the program for my specific background and goals. I would recommend Shannon to anyone who’s looking for an excellent personal trainer.